Terms & Conditions

1. General

These booking conditions replace all previous versions. We have done our best to ensure the information in the brochure was correct at the time of printing. We continually strive to improve and maintain our facilities, so you may find that new ones are on offer, some are temporarily closed for maintenance and improvement or some have been altered. Some cottages are over 100 years old and do not have damp courses or cavity walls, which can lead to condensation, mustiness and mould if rooms are not ventilated. These conditions, the Booking Form and the brochure, thereinafter called “the Contract Documents”, shall comprise the whole of the contract between Tremaine Green Country Cottages called “the proprietors” and the Hirer and these Conditions, the Booking Form and said description of the property shall be read and construed together.

2. Deposit

Bookings will only be accepted when a Deposit has been received. Guests are to check that their requirements and details are correct on receipt of the booking confirmation. If a booking is made more than eight weeks before arrival, a deposit of 25% of the rent must accompany it. If the booking is less than eight weeks before arrival the full amount must be paid at the time of booking. In the event of a booking not being accepted by the proprietors all fees paid will be returned.

3. Final Payment

Once the booking form is received and accepted by the Proprietors, the Hirer is liable for payment of the balance of the rent, eight weeks before the start of the tenancy. Non-payment by the due date will be taken as a cancellation. The Proprietors do not send reminders, as the balance due and date is on the booking confirmation. For short notice bookings, where there is insufficient time for payment and clearance of cheques prior to arrival, full payment must be made by cash or credit card on arrival.

4. Changing a Booking

Once the Proprietors have accepted a booking, the booking can only be changed to another Cottage by treating the original booking as a cancellation (See cancellations). However, the Proprietors will endeavour to meet the Hirer’s needs but this may not always be possible. Changes can then only be made on written request and payment of 10% or a minimum of £25 of the total rent at the proprietors’ discretion.

5. Cancellation

If you cancel your booking you must immediately notify Tremaine Green Country Cottages in writing. If you have to cancel, your deposit is forfeited at the discretion of the Proprietors who will try to re-let the cottage: If this is not possible the Hirer is liable and must pay the Total Holiday Cost. You are strongly recommended to take out appropriate holiday cancellation protection insurance. If the Proprietors are able to re-let a period booked then any refund will be subject to a deduction of the administration and advertising costs and any discount we may have to offer to re-let the cottage. Tremaine Green Country Cottages reserve the right to cancel your Holiday Cottage if they do not receive all monies due on or before the time specified in these Conditions, the Hirer is liable for the Total Holiday Cost, at the discretion of the Proprietors.

6. VAT

The price quoted in this brochure includes VAT at 20%. Tremaine Green Country Cottages reserve the right to increase prices in the event that the government increases VAT or imposes a charge, tax or levy which affects the holiday price. In this event you will be charged for such an increase.

7. Arrival

The Holiday Cottage is available for occupation as from 3 p.m. on the Holiday Commencement Date (date of arrival); occupation before 3 p.m. will not be allowed without prior permission. Where full payment has not been received in advance, if the Hirer or his party do not arrive by midday on the day after the Holiday Commencement Date, and the Proprietors have not been advised of this, the Proprietors reserve the right to re-let immediately, if it is not re-let the Hirer is liable for the Total Holiday Cost.

8. Departure

You must vacate the Holiday Cottage by 10am on the leaving date. The Proprietors reserve the right to charge the sum of 100% of the weekly rent per day or part of a day during which the Hirer remains in occupation of the Holiday Cottage after 10am on the leaving date and time shall be of the essence of this condition.

9. Rules

Tremaine Green aims to provide relaxed pleasant memorable holidays, and we make as few rules as possible. The few that exist are for the benefit of all guests. Signing this Contract means you have agreed to abide by this Licence to occupy:

a.   The Proprietors reserve the right to require any Holiday Cottage occupants to leave immediately, without refund, if their conduct is considered by the proprietors to infringe the Rules. Also the Proprietors will recover any compensation they may pay other guests as a result of such actions.                   

b.   The Hirer must take all reasonable care of all equipment, utensils, furniture, fixtures and fittings in the Holiday Cottage and the amenities of Tremaine Green throughout your holiday and leave everything clean, tidy and in undamaged condition prior to departure.        

c.   You must ensure that the Holiday Cottage is kept in a reasonably clean and tidy condition throughout your holiday. The proprietors reserve the right of access.                   

d.   The Hirer is responsible for and will be required to make good all damage caused by you and/or your visitors during your holiday and to report these prior to departure; the costs of replacements, repairs and exceptional cleaning is payable on demand.                    

e.   A maximum of 2 pets is allowed in a Holiday Cottage, which must be paid for on booking. Dogs must be kept on a lead / under control, taken off site for exercise, any faeces removed from the ground and disposed in a hygienic manner, are not allowed in bedrooms or on furniture and must not be left unattended in a Holiday Cottage. They are not allowed in the games room or laundry room. The proprietors reserve the right to demand the owner of any dog that causes a nuisance or threat to remove the dog or leave without entitlement to refund, compensation or damages. We reserve the right to remove to kennels, at owner’s expense, any dog causing a nuisance. No dangerous dogs are allowed, including but not limited to any dog subject to the Dangerous Dog Act 1991 and its amendments.                   

f.   No more than the number of persons and pets specified per cottage or single sex groups may occupy a Holiday Cottage otherwise than with the prior written approval of the proprietors.                    

g.  Supervision of children, babies and any adult requiring care remains the responsibility of the parent, Guardian or accompanying adult at all times.                    

h.  The Holiday Cottage must be used for holiday purposes only and for no other purpose whatsoever.                    

i.   The Holiday Cottage may be occupied only by the person(s) specified on the booking form and no other persons whatsoever.

10. Contract

If you fail to observe these Conditions, the proprietors shall have the right to require you to vacate the Holiday Cottage and Tremaine Green forthwith without payment to you of compensation or damages and without repayment to you of the whole or any part of the Total Holiday Charge. The Hirer agrees that the Proprietors may charge their credit / debit card for all contractually outstanding amounts. Online Dispute Resolution applies. The use of accommodation and amenities including the games room, tennis court and grounds is entirely at the Hirer’s risk and no responsibility can be accepted for injury, loss or damage to the Hirer, the Hirer’s companions or guests or their belongings.

11. The hirer agrees that

a.   That the Hirer has entered into this contract relying solely upon the information set out in the Contract Documents. The Hirer agrees that they are liable for all contractually outstanding amounts, damages and exceptional cleaning, which the Proprietors may charge to the Hirer's credit / debit card.                    

b.   That no representation (other than as contained in the contract documents) whether written or oral has been made to the Hirer prior to the date of this contract by Tremaine Green County Cottages, their servants or agents concerning the Holiday Cottage or Tremaine Green or the facilities available or as to any other matter which has influence or persuaded the Hirer to enter into this contract.                    

c.   That subject to the refund by Tremaine Green Country Cottages to the Hirer of any monies previously paid by the Hirer to Tremaine Green Country Cottages, the Proprietors may cancel the booking without further liability at any time before the Holiday Commencement Date if the Holiday Cottage becomes unavailable for any reason beyond the Proprietors’ control.                    

d.   All complaints must be notified to the proprietors immediately so that an on-the-spot investigation can be made and remedial action taken if required. Compensation will not be made for complaints raised after the tenancy has ended, where the tenant has denied the proprietors the opportunity to put matters right during the tenancy.                    

e.   Tremaine Green Country Cottages shall not be liable and do not accept responsibility for any defects, latent or apparent, in the Holiday Cottage of Tremaine Green Country Cottages, which occur to you due to circumstances beyond their control.

12. Privacy Policy

Our privacy policy can be found at: Privacy Policy